Water Sling

Chew-Z Baby

$19.99 $25.00

Mesh Water Slings - Navy and Light Blue


Great for swimming pools, traveling, waterparks or hot days!  Breathable, light and easy to dry!


• Easy to use and offers excellent support;

• Comfortable for both parent and child;

• Super light, breathable, dries quickly, soft, mesh fabric that feels good in or out of the water;

• Use all year but when the hot weather arrives

• Use it from birth to toddler 

• Great for both moms AND DADS;


Comes with its own carry pouch attached to the sling itself!!!  Super convenient and you will never lose it!




1. Always wear the carrier diagonally, not hanging from one shoulder.
2. The baby should be seated as deeply as possible inside the carrier.
3. The baby should be positioned at your waist level or higher.
4. Rings should be located between your chest and your shoulder.
5. To tighten the strap, pull in diagonally along the carrier.
Stage 1:
After threading the cloth through the rings(like a belt buckle, first through
both rings and then back between the rings, hold the carrier under the rings
with your right hand, making sure that the surplus cloth is in front of the carrier.
Stage 2:
Put your right arm through the carrier and lift the carrier over your head.
At this stage the rings should be positioned as high as possible in the direction of your shoulder.
The padded area should be on your shoulder.
Spread out the carrier like a sack, with half of the sack spread across your abdomen.
(The carrier can be worn over either shoulder.)
Stage 3:
The cloth of the carrier should be spread as broadly as possible across your back, for better support and to protect your back.